Lazi Beach Resort


About Lazi Beach Resort

Just 3 hours ride from Ho Chi Minh city, you shall reach Lazi Beach Resort & Spa for the most beautiful & wildest beach of Vietnam. A new refreshing, enchanting experience shall await you at our beach resort. The resort is a collection of 97 Rooms, Bungalow and Beachfront Bungalow located within 6 hectares of green oasis garden. Offering a signature of Ocean Terrace Restaurant, 500m private white sand beach, salt & fresh water swimming pools, you shall enjoy a relaxing holiday assisted by highest levels of service and comfort.

Even in the East and Northeast monsoon season (from December to March), the sea is still calm, water is clear, waves are not big and winds are not strong as that in other regions. This place was named “Mom Da Chim” based on the reason that there is a low rocky area, which has been eroded and become a convergence of seabirds. In the afternoon, sitting on the rock, listening to the sound of surf and watching the sunset would bean unforgetable memory.

Lazi Beach Resort Lazi Beach Resort Lazi Beach Resort Lazi Beach Resort Lazi Beach Resort Lazi Beach Resort


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